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Umbrella Insruacne
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Umbrella insurance is all-encompassing and provides you and your family with extra layers of liability coverage. It provides extra coverage in addition to what your standard auto or home policies cover. Major damages can devastate your financial welfare when a liability claim is filed against you. Umbrella insurance will ensure your family will be covered when the limits of your standard plans have been met.

Imagine being sued for $1,000,000 and you know you have enough coverage to handle it. You don’t have to cash out your 401(k), have your wages garnished, or give up equity in your home.

With Umbrella Insurance, your attorney may even be included in your policy for any legal issues. At Boise Insurance Guy, we can assess your needs and determine the best umbrella insurance for you. This is not an exceedingly expensive addition to your standard insurance policy and gives you an extended level of coverage.

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